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Episode 1: Tall Boys

Sorry for the quality on this one...

Episode 6: The Angry Dragon

Let's talk about this shit...

Episode 7: Operation Dumbo Drop

So much going on in this episode. Check out these threads.

Episode 9: Please Place All Dogs In the Overhead Compartments

What makes a game a game (Florence), United Airlines, Super Tony Land monsters, Persona 5 (or was it Perception) NoColon can't tell...

Episode 10: Luigi's Mario

Man it is so easy to get sidetracked... and this time we jump right down the rabbit's penis hole to discuss... well... penises... penisii? Those things hidden in various artworks... Also we talk about games like Sea of Thieves, A Way Out, Far Cry 5 and PAX East.

Episode 11: High on an Airship

PAX East adventures, Dan's poop-scapades, God of War, Far Cry 5, The Deep End Games, Range Plus One, Robot Loves Kitty, What's Good Games, New England Bar Citizen and so much more!

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Let's talk games.

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