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S3E9: A Hard Cancer

Series X vs. PS5, TLOU2 is fantastic, social media trolls are a "Hard Cancer" as they send death threats to a voice actor, Archery, Random other Shit

S3E8: Shootin' The Poop

Shopping and Gyms post COVID, Healthcare, Science, TLOU2, Beeah’s Grandfather, Josh Wolf, UFC Fight Night, Too Much Rich People

S3E7: Shut the F*ck Up

Stupid Racism, UFC Fight Night, The Last of Us 2 (Minor Spoilers)

S3E6: Penile Nudge

Pride Month, UFC Fight Night, Fighters Need to get Paid, PS5 Reveal

S3E5: Escape From Fight Island

Christmas songs, UFC250, Pay dem Fighters, Naked Man Fighting, Upcoming Game Releases, Our New Web App, PS5 v. Xbox One X Series X X One Series

S3E4: Do What You Can


S3E3: Walking Around Getting Shit On

No gyms still... I think Beeah is going to lose it. No food for us, fart-game, UFC, listener questions.

S3E2: Blocked In

Beeah takes a trip to the grocery store and wants to murder, UFC Smith v. Teixeira, Assassin's Creed.

S3E1: Infected

COVID has brought us out of hiding any back onto the airwaves. I have no idea what we are discussing, but here it is.

S2E2: Whale Biology

We dive in to a whole new world of whale biology with this weeks guest. Come get educated on all your burning whale biology questions on this very "educational" podcast.

Episode 24: A Whole Year

We did it. A whole year worth of podcasts... kind of...

Episode 23: The One About Halloween

Honestly I can't remeber since this was recorded so long ago... good luck! ;P

Episode 22: Tiny Hot Tub

In Episode 22 we realize Bill Paxton is not actually Bill Pullman. Chris and Eric finish Spider-Man. We think Chris loves achievements more than actual game play. CoD is back! We talk about the McGregor Vs Nurmagomogo… Norman… Khabib fight, and how awesome Conor is at throwing a football.

Episode 21: Banjos and Knives

This was our first live stream podcast! NoColon is back from Hawaii and shares his experience in such detail, you’ll think you were there. Also, join us as we take a trip down memory lane into Jadedcore’s dark, dare I say somewhat bad-ass past. Oh, and video games… We talk about a few of them as well as the fall of Telltale games.

Episode 20: Hard as a Johnson

No Colon is in Hawaii so us 2 nerds are loose with no 3rd nerd over site. We talk about Massachusetts exploding, the GGG vs. Canelo fight, The Predator, initial impressions of Spider Man for PS4 and some discussion on Beeah's play through of the backwards compatible Red Dead Redemption.

Episode 19: Favorites List

We discuss Destiny 2 again while NoColon makes fun of us... because we are *gulp* actually enjoying it. Some discussion of upcoming games and the ridiculous money we will need to drop in the next couple months. We also talk vacations and love.

Episode 18: New Gear!

Our first episode with professional-type gear! Too bad we use it to discuss Eric's asshole and his experience with his first (of many) colonoscopies. Sooo, still the same shitty content but you can hear it more clearly. Enjoy!

Episode 17: Super Friends

We mostly talk about Fortnite... The good, the bad, and how Eric and Dan are wrong about both. Super Friends... You know them? Cause Chris does and they're bad-ass! Also, Anthem vs. sigh, Destiny. You know, the usual. Enjoy!

Episode 16: We Found Out When E3 was... A Long Time Ago.

We talk about the breaking news from E3 2018 and the games that were showcased there. Also, some new topics such as spiders and Destiny 1 & 2. Plus, using vulgar language in front children for the parenting win!

Episode 15: When The F%#K is (was) E3?

We talk about relevant subjects such as our thoughts on what is rumored to be at E3 2018 which was either June 12 - 14, or June 9 - 12... No one really knows, especially E3. We also discuss Steam's decision to not remove certain "offensive" games from their store.

Episode 14: STFU

Get ready for some serious discussion about poop (shit). The different ways to wipe your ass, spiders, oh and more poop. We may have talked about a video game too.

Episode 13: Now With Ice

I'm sorry... but we are going to bitch about Destiny again... cause Warmind is an utter disappointment. Also talk of Red Dead 2, E3 stuff, lot's of random movie talk, some GoW with very light spoiler which is marked by an audio warning at 24:52 and goes until about 31:00. Also, check out the kickstarter for Superscript at

Episode 12: Preparation Screens

God of War, Far Cry 5, Destiny 2... again..., Call of Poopy, Venom, Deadpool 2 and Scorpion King? Avengers, Art Books... other randomness...

Episode 11: High in an Airship

PAX East adventures, Dan's poop-scapades, God of War, Far Cry 5, The Deep End Games, Range Plus One, Robot Loves Kitty, Whats Good Games, New England Bar Citizen and so much more!

Episode 10: Luigi's Mario

We discuss the heat that Luigi is packing in the newly announced Mario Tennis, PAX East, A Way Out, Far Cry 5, jackasses in entertainment, etc...

Episode 9: Please Place All Dogs In the Overhead Compartments

Florence and What is a Game?, United Airlines, Super Tony Land a New Monster, and a bunch of other silly shit.

Episode 8: Nutscaping

This podcast gets a little deep with talk about violence in video games, ESRB ratings and loot boxes, as well as the usual banter. We discuss Black Panther and the MCU, there are some spoilers but they are all prefaced with a spoiler alert warning. (23:17 - 24:29, 33:22 - 35:49, 42:33 - 43:45)

Episode 7: Operation Dumbo Drop

Fast food etiquette, Monster Hunter, Nintendo Labia, De-valuation of Video Games, our first officially backed kickstarter Super Tony Land, The Jewel of the Amazon, Daniel-san is a douche, Beah catches for The Rock... and NoColon wants to smash Paul Rudd?

Episode 6: The Angry Dragon

Milk shakes, poop-uking, God of War, Sea of Thieves, Anthem, Anime, and of course... angry dragons.

Episode 5: All the Tangents

We talk about a whole host of things in no particular order, mostly just where the conversation takes us, (hence the title). But, Cuphead, Game Awards, Achievements, Game Backlogs, Perception, Far Cry 5, Pax East, EA, PUBG, Hellblade, Horizon Zero Dawn DLC, etc.

Episode 4: 16 Motherboards

We talk Star Citizen with the founder of NH Bar Citizen. Be warned this is an hour long episode on pretty much nothing but Star Citizen. Also we determine that Beeah knows nothing about computers...

Episode 3: The CoD Effect

The CoD Effect is when a game repeatedly disappoints you and you swear you are not buying the next one, but as the launch date gets closer and closer your defenses drop and you think "Maybe this time it will be good... The trailers look so good..." and you just can't help yourself and you buy it. Listen as Beeah is affected hard by The Cod Effect in this weeks episode.

Episode 2: We Heart GameStop

We are totally not being facetious with the title... Anyway, we will talk about GameStop, a follow-up post Destiny launch, a little The Last of Us and some other random shit. There are a few spoilers this week for Destiny and The Last of Us, but we inserted an annoying spoiler alert sound before we spoil anything.